Friday, 8 May 2009

Take a picture...

This last week has been all about comparison. I have been surfing on the net in search of the best Kimmie-camera…. I have read dozens of reviews, learned about lenses, zoom, bokuh (what?) and lots of other stuff.. I went to a store last Saturday to feel some cameras. I weighed them, fit my hand around it, and I even checked myself in the mirror with it…. You have to know how it looks on you, right?
Thursday I figured it all out, it had to be a Sony A300. So I went online (again) to check availability and prices in the nearby area. It was sold out almost everywhere, and I really want to get it this weekend. You know how it goes, once you figured out what you want, you want it NOW, or at least ASAP. I told Dull that it was going to be hard to find a store in our neighbourhood where they would have it for a reasonable price. So, he went online and within 3 minutes he found a store that had the camera on stock, for a low price and at a very reasonable distance from our place…. So tomorrow we are going to buy it. I am not ‘allowed’ to buy it tonight, because he has to work and he wants to do it together… Very sweet but I hope I can sleep tonight, I! Am! That! Excited!

This weekend will also be used for some last vacation-shopping and I wanted to make some skirts and dresses, but still haven’t found the time to start, let alone finish. Perhaps I should have read a little less about Bokeh… and spent some more time at my sewingmachine.

I re-did a silver bangle bracelet for my sister this week, but forgot to take a picture. I also made a sterling bracelet for myself -pics will follow - and I’ll have to make something for mom as well, since it’s Mothersday this Sunday. Mother-in-law is on holiday, so it’s just my mom this weekend. Last year we had a barbeque at my parents, don’t know if the weather is going to allow it this weekend. It’s not cold, but the sun isn’t showing.
That’s it for now! I hope my next post will be filled with some lovely new pics, and I wish you all a lovely weekend!

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