Monday, 25 May 2009

An afternoon in the Zoo.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, so we stepped on our bikes and made a trip to the zoo. It's a 13 km ride, which is a lovely one when the sun is out. We crossed through the city and the parks and I find it amazing how much people get out and about when the wheater is so invigorating. We went for a stroll around the zoo, and payed a visit to the Butterflyhall. Amazing as well....

Maybe Life Just Is Amazing!!!!


  1. What a sweet blog you have, glad to have found it! My husband and I have travelled to the Netherlands a few times and love it there. What a beautiful country you live in!

  2. The zoo is such a great place to spend a day. There's a small and faltering zoo in the city where I live; it always amazes me that people aren't there as often.

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