Thursday, 30 April 2009

TravelPillows & a Necklace for Mom

Another post from me... Guess the feeling just lingered on a little bit more. I've finished the travelpillows I wanted to make:

The one with orange-red-brown large cirkels is for Dull, the other one, which is pink-beige-brown striped is mine.

The inner pillow is made of a large pillowcase, I just sewed it through the middle twice and cut between the 2 sewing lines, turned it rightside out and stuffed it with filling (and mine's with a little bit of lavender, which makes me sleep better). Then I sewed the little baggie-thingy, sewed them together and now they are happily waiting to go on holiday with us....

I also finally made the necklace for mom, I promised to make her a couple of months(!) ago. It's actually a redo of a necklace I gave her 2 years ago which broke when the dog was happy to see her. That necklace was a single strand necklace, this one has a splitted two strand shape.It's all the way crystal-clear coloured, which makes it a bit hard to photograph. I used Preciosa & Swarovski crystals, some sterling chain for the drops and little glass seed beads between the larger beads.

I am quite happy with the result and hope mom will be as well....

Well I am off to celebrate Queensday! The weather is absolutely delightfull!

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Results from "a feeling"

Last week I blogged about my feeling.... And it stayed all weekend! I finally 'created' a necklace again and it's one that makes my heart beats faster. It has been ages since I made something with beads and I have felt miserable about it. Perhaps my creativityblock has finally passed on? Well, with no further a do (or how do you say that..?) prrrrrrrrr. (This is supposed to be a drumroll):

And one more in the lavender bush....Isn't it a beauty? I know it sounds a bit cocky, but I am really proud about it..... I've made it with Swarovski & Preciosa crystals and czech seed beads. I started it fridaynight and finished it yesterday, an estimated 6 hours work. The closure is not finished yet, I just wipped up a simple hook and two loops, so I could wear it to work today.... Let me know what you guys think!

Friday, 24 April 2009

Simmering feelings

I have a feeling. Don't know what it is quite yet, but it's there. Simmering in the depths of my gut (that sounds a little bit dark, but it's not, I promise). So it simmers. Usually when I have this kind of vibe it results in a massive creativity-frenzy, but I don't know what it will bring this time.... I've got a attic full of creativity stuff, but the sun is going to shine this weekend. And I am a Sucker for SunShine.
So, what will be my weekend? A weekend filled with beads, fabrics, magazines and lovely projects, spent in the attic, or some minor beading in the backyard? Don't know yet, but I hope it will be a lovely one for each and everyone!

Monday, 20 April 2009


So, a busy weekend, again. But I am a sucker for busy weekends, it gets all my energy's flowing. Including the creativity-buzz.... Finally! I have been stuck for some time and haven't created anything. But things are about to change; Hurrah!

But I hear you think: what has she been doing this weekend to get those buzz' flowing? Well nothing special, but I noticed the change when I got home from work Friday. It was my father-in-law's birthday and we didn't know what to get him... He is a very material-satisfied-being. But he did make some requests for a gold necklace made by me! Off course he was only kidding, but it was an excellent idea for a present. I had a clear idea in my mind when I got home, so Dull didn't even receive a kiss when I stepped into the livingroom. I went straight up the stairs to the attic. I got my pliers, some goldplated chain and some euros, and I created this:

It's not my best work, but since I had only 25 minutes to make it I think I did a nice job. I wrapped some 2 and 1 euro's in wire, attached them to the chain and made a pendant of the 10 euro bill. My FIL loved it, he was very amused about finally receiving his golden necklace....

On Saturday I was on my own, Dull had to work and I didn't feel like I wanted company, so I went to the city. I went to the market and bought some lovely fabrics, those added to the ones I bought at the fabricmarket last monday makes it a total of 13 fabrics.... Don't know what I am going to do with them. I am planning on making some travelpillows. I guess that will be my first project. I want to make some skirts and dresses for the vacation, but I think it's better to start easy....

I have worked in the garden as well this weekend. The herbs are growing like mad! I love it! So I got to enjoy my very first cup of mint-tea of the season. I really enjoy this tea, and it's nothing more then some mintleaves, boiling water and honey.....

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


We had such, such, such a lovely Easter-weekend! The sun was shining, the family got together and we had an excellent time!
The garden is all tidied up, we just need a new fence and door. Those are my last wishes for the garden.

I made a picture with my phone from the frontyard. It's a bit blurry (the picture, not the frontyard), but you can see how it looks like now.
I am almost sorry I didn't do a "before" shot....

The tubs with the plants are half winebarrels. They are huge! The little trees in them look very petite like this. But they will grow and get a better fit through the years.

We had a big brunch on sunday. All the familymembers came over for some lovely food. I made so many things too much that we had luxury lunches after sunday, but we had an excellent time.
I hid some eggs for my youngest cousin. I counted them when I hid them and I swear there were ten. Jim got started searching, with a little help from his big brother. They found 9 of them within 10 minutes. All of the family searched for egg number ten, but it was nowhere to be found. Since the garden is only 45 sqm I guess I miscounted them while I was hiding them....

I hope everyone had a lovely time, and please enjoy the Spring in the air!

Monday, 6 April 2009

Picturetaking troubles

It’s been a while since my last post.
I find myself a little blocked. Haven’t created anything creative in the last months, nor haven’t I got anything that’s worth showing here. It makes me wonder; does that say I have a boring and non-flashy-life, or is it just me….? I read lots of other peoples blogs and love their bits and pieces on their everyday life. They post pictures of their children, their homes, of blooming flowers, sunrises, sundowns and the light of the new tablelamp on their desk.
I love these pictures, it shows just the simplicity of life and the beauty you can find in the small things. So, a few weeks ago I thought: “I can do that too!” I picked up my camera and went into my backyard. I found a single purple crocus, between some old leaves from last year, just screaming: “here comes Spring!”
So I stood beside the flower, bent my head and took a picture: Too far off, there was just a little fleck of purple in a puddle of brown. So, I zoomed in and took another picture: Too much movement: there was a swoosh of purple in a puddle of brown. So I squatted down, took yet another picture: Wrong focus. I adjusted the camera, snapped a new picture: there was dirt on the crocus. So I swept the flower clean, decided I might as well just sit down. So I sat down, took one last close look at the flower to see if it was as perfect as I wanted, picked up my camera. I looked at the screen of my camera, held my breath, ready to take this picture…. And just when I was ready to take it, I heard the bounce of the neighbors’ backdoor followed by “Eey, whatchadoingoverthere, areyouallright?”
I let my breath escape through the small room between my teeth, I felt the redness coming up on my cheeks. I made a polite smile, nodded my head and escaped back to my safe living room…. Wondering what my neighbor would think of me….
So, I am sorry to tell you that the picture didn’t work out and the crocus has past… I will try again in July, when I find the First Sunflower screaming “here comes Summer!,” and my neighbors are on holiday.