Friday, 27 March 2009

Heavy Day

Today was the day, the day we had to bring Bailey to the doctor. We finally made an appointment to get her sterilised. And so I went off this morning, with a scared little bundle of grey kitty in the box. She was sooooooo scared. We had a little drive to the, because I don't like the petdoctors in our direct surroundings. I allways feel like they are more in it for the money than for the wellbeing of pets.

So anyways, we were driving. I was listening to the radio and Bailey cried. She moaned: "haven't I been good? Did I scratch you? Where are we going?" And everytime I tried to calm her down with some sweet words. And every word got answered with more moaning. So I decided to keep quiet and so did Bailey.

Fortunately there wasn't any traffic, so we were early. The assistent was such a sweet girl, very interested and very nice. Everything you wish for, for someone who is going to take care of your sweet little kitty all day long.

So I left Bailey at the doctor and I went shopping. First to a outletcentre and after that I went to Bergen op Zoom. I bought some stuff and new sneakers for Dull.

Then finally it was time to get Bailey!!! Well, it wasn't Bailey, it was a very very very petite pile of grey fur with very big watery eyes... My heart sunk into my shoes. I felt like the world's worst petowner. The drive home I chewed my lips and Bailey didn't moan, she miauwed, very quietly.

When we finally got home I carried her in and her brother made a big tail and jumped behind the couch. He hasn't showed himself yet.

Now Bailey has eaten, and waggles groggy trough the house. Every other minute she comes for a cuddle. Her eyes are still watery from the operation, and so are mine.

Bailey is checking out her hood and cream for post-op care. She doesn't know yet that it has to go around her neck. I guess that's a good job for Dull, I have been Bitchy enough for her today.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Workshop Silver ring

Yesterday I went to Schoonhoven for a workshop. We were going to learn to make a silver ring from a strip of silver. The workshop was a Christmaspresent from Dull. He gave it to me because I bought a solderburner 3 years ago but haven't dared to use it yet, because I didn't know were to start.

In the workshop we sawed, filed, soldered, sanded and polished the silver. I had a marvelous time and am considering tot take a course.

I made a pinkyring, because I wanted some curls, and the strip wasn't long enough to make a larger ring, because then there wouldn't be enough to curl.

The instructor said it was a challenge to make this design in the 4 hours the workshop took. But I wanted to try and I think I did a pretty good job! I am definetely going to wear this one with pride!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


It has been excellent wheater all week long! I even spent some time in the garden last weekend. While all my neighbours were busy sweeping, gardening and cleaning their patio's, I just sat in the sun with some beads. It was delightfull to soak in some sun and dream about the summer to come. It's amazing how it revives your spirit!

Friday, 13 March 2009

half year

Yesterday was our half year anniversary. (Getting married makes you like a four-year-old: I am 4 1/2 years old!!). But Dull has late night shifts all week long, so I haven't seen him all week. Alltough he works accross the street from my work...
So yesterday, when I was done working I walked to my car. And when I arrived, there was a bunch of red roses on my seat and the loveliest card on my dashboard. Hubby isn't romantic in general, but when he has the right mood he really pulls it off.
So I drove home with tears of happiness in my eyes....

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Lovely weekend, again!

So it's weekend again! It's amazing how fast the hours in a day fly by. Today I've cleaned my entire home and washed my windows. I love to clean my windows, because the world (or my backyard) looks so much better through clean glass...
I also found the very first crocus in my backyard. It's all alone, but it's soooooo nice, it's screaming: spring spring spring!!!!
My sister in law dropped by today with her family. We had a lovely afternoon. Don't know what I am going to do tomorrow, but I guess it won't be much. I am not feeling that great.

Monday, 2 March 2009


Yay! We just made a reservation for 3 weeks to Thailand! And we are going to leave on May 31th. That's sooooooooo sooooooooon!!!!!!
Since I've made the reservation (on internet) I am panicking about everything that can go wrong; what if some financial disaster occurs (crisis!crisis!crisis!) or if something happens with the plain, or the train, or the elephant were going to ride? What if there are Malaria Mosquitos, Piranha fishies, crocodiles, snakes or whatever horrorific creature that can bite me in the toe? What if I eat something bad? What if the hotels are terrible, what if we miss the / a plain. What if, what if, what if. In the mean time hubby is dancing around the house yelling "Thailand! Thailand! Thailand, here we come!!!!" (have I mentioned he turned 30 yesterday?) I wish I could have his delightfull cheerfullness.... But in a week it will be turned around, he will think about the "what if's" and I will reply every single one of them with the right overthought answer, followed by: Relax babe, we're going to have a fabulous time!!!!!!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend? Ours went by so fast. Dulls birthday was a cosy party and I even spent an hour in the backyard on Sunday.... What's not to like!