Friday, 6 April 2012


I have mentioned my big pile of UFO's on a regular basis here. And I just seeam to keep adding new ones to the pile, instead of finishing some.
But this week, I started and finished something for myself. And I am very proud of it!
I started off with an old top. One that got a lot of wear, and that got a little too snug in the bombonella-department (one of the 'benefits' of breastfeeding...I guess). I reaaaaaally loved the shirt and was a little sad about it being to small. I have searched my photos to look if I could find one of me wearing the old shirt, but no luck. So you just have to look at this pic:
a very raggidy-ragged shirt..
The knit fabric on this top was getting very thin, so using the seamripper was a mandatory. Only 2 patternpieces (cut 2 of each), a small long rectangle for the tie at the back, and a sort of bias tape for the neckline. I pressed every seam, and I really love how smooth it made my seams look.
Now, my machine only sews straight and zigzag lines. I used a narrow zigzag for all the seams, to keep the stretch in the entire garment... 
And now the end result of my hard labor:
Very Vibrant V-neck Top
 I used this very bold patterned knit fabric from my stash. I bought it about 2 years ago, really cheap. I really thought it was too loud, and thought it would be a great starting muslin. But I actually love the result. I think I will wear it a lot! I entered this top for the Spring Top Sew Along 2012 at Made-by-Rae. Take a look at the pool for some more lovely Spring Tops!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Pebble for my Baby

I am the Queen of UFOs. I start a gazillion projects and finish nearly one. I love sewing and knitting, but the projects involve so much more time then a beadingproject takes. When beading was my single crafty hobby, I finished nearly everything I started...
Or is it? Come to think of it, a Beady-UFO is far more easier to stash away (or hide) then half knit sweaters and half finished dresses are.
But then there was a baby... and a sewing or knittingproject is as tiny as a large beaded necklace....
Last week I decided it was time to finish SOMETHING. And so, instead of doing something a normal person would do - pick up an UFO and finish it - I decided to start something new. For Isalena. In comes Pebble.
I have seen this lovely pattern a lot in the Blogosphere. I loved both Amanda's and Heather's version. Off to Ravelry I went, browsed through all the lovely finished Pebbles and decided I could do it! And I did! I casted on on Friday Night, and finished it on Monday Morning. Buttons attached and all ends finished, I even made a project sheet on Ravelry 

And here is my little miss, showing off Mama's Fruit of the Labor (please correct me if I said this wrong...)
I am so proud of myself....

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Getting restarted

I have been writing lots of blogposts in the last couple of months, but none of them suited my needs on telling you guys about my life. I became a Mama on August 25, 2011, and I have been loving every second of my life, since. I wanted to tell you guys everything, give you updates on the ups and downs, tell my birthstory, and show all the lovely things I made for the nursery and my precious little girl.
But I just didn't know where to start, and the longer I waited, the harder it got. So I decided that I should get the weight of my shoulders and just write a post as if I had written one yesterday. I can always show snippets of my life from the blogging-gap, right?
So that's just what I will do. Tomorrow....
First, I'll show you some of my BabyBliss.
 1 week old
 8 weeks old
5 months allready!