Friday, 27 February 2009

A (not so) DuLL weekend!!!!

This weekend is going to be fabulous and DuLL!

Let me explain: Hubbie's last name is Dullemond, which has always been shorted to Dull. So I am having a Dull life...... In English language that's serious depressing, for me it's all I ever wanted....

So, about my weekend: Dull is turning 30 this weekend! He finds that depressing, I have been looking forward to it. He is working this evening and I have decorated the entire livingroom, tomorrow I am going to bake cakes, bread, make all sorts of yummie snacks and so on.

Somehow birthdays bring out the Martha Stewart in me. In fact, all sorts of family-gathering-reasons are. I love Christmas, New Years, Easter and so on. I get to cook, bake, entertain and drink a few cocktails, what's not to like?!

Here's a pic of our dressed up living room. (Yes I need to vacuum and tidy-up before the family arrives, but who cares!).
So, I'm off! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Everything goes...

It has been a lovely weekend, with family and Sangria. I just luv that combo. We've played some cards, talked about our holidays this year and all other things that keeps us busy. All and all we went to bed at 3 AM.

Steef has got nightshifts this week, so I am every night on my own. Nice to get everything done, but by the time it's wednesday I start talking to myself (or the cats).
At the time I am working on three different things.
First I am making a necklace. I crafted some sort of rings, which are lovely, but I just can't seem to put them together the way I like. I have taken the necklace apart for 4 times, and now it sits below the coffetable, till I've got a new idea. Second I was knitting a hat. First time knitting in the round for me. But somehow I lost some stitches in the middle, ripped half my work out, started from the last good stitches, but I just can't seem to get it right. And last but not least: I am sewing a summerdress. I used a pattern from Burda and several times my stitchripper, but it seems to go well.

If I ever get one of the things finished I will show of here. In the mean time you can enjoy my cats enjoying the sun.....

I love those silly creatures.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

crafty crafty!!!

Since I had to return my laptop to the supplier, I've got far more time for all things crafty (and less on blogging -reading and writing-) So I have been busy beading, knitting and sewing. It feels good to make stuff, but it's a real bummer that I don't have my laptop on hands to check up on some things. Like how to cast on stitches, how to sew a seam and how to create that fabulous beaded bead. In the end I figured out everything by myself, but it's funny to notice how much we rely on our computers nowadays. We don't need to think about things, we just google them or visit our favorite sites. It's a very fine way to find your way around things, but I think it's sometimes a bit better to try figure out yourself. I know I felt really proud when I figured out myself how to pick up some loose stitches in my project. Internet would probably have saved me a couple or minutes (okay, tens of minutes). But it's more fullfilling knowing you did it all by yourself......

Monday, 16 February 2009

Laptop gone bad.....

Last week my laptop went down. We've tried everything to revive it, but it didn't work. Luckily it still has it's warranty, so I've sent it back to the supplier. That was a week ago, so now I am experiencing some serious junkie-related melt down feelings. Hubby has a computer off course, but he also recently bought GTA. So I get only a few minutes a day to check e-mails... Snif.
So this means very few chances to blog (read and write). It has been a week!
I hope you all have had a fabulous weekend? Mine was terrific! We went for a lovely diner on Valentinesday, followed with a visit to the Casino. We didn't win any money, but had a great time, and that's all that matters. We went to bed at 3 AM.... On Sunday I had to pick up a new SewingMachine (it's secondhanded, but it's new to me, off course). I made the appointment for 10 'o clock. So: very few sleep for me. But it's a lovely machine. It has much more features than the machine I had, i't makes less noise and it's easier to handle. So YAY!
Better get back to work now........ If I see a free minute on the PC tonight I will post some pics of my last-minute Valentine Necklace......

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Books, books, books

Yesterday my order from Amazon arrived. I've ordered 7 books, and they are all fabulous!
There are 3 books on beading, 3 on sewing and 1 on knitting. And now I find it hard to decide which project I am going to start on first. I have been beading for 8 years now, mainly off-loom stitching, crocheting and a bit of stringing once in a while. One of the books I ordered is The Art of Bead Embroidery, it's absolutely divine! The projects are easy to start with, everything is explained very clear and the photographs are brillant and very detailed. It makes me very eager to start. Nonetheless, I've ordered Sew what, Skirts! as well and there isn't a skirt in it that I would not want to give it a go. So I am having a bit of a dilemma, am I going to sew, or bead? Perhaps I can sew a skirt and embroider the waistband.....
So still no picures of finished projects from my side, but it won't take much longer, I guess....