Saturday, 27 February 2010


I am still working on the squares. And I am having soooo much fun making them.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Down and Out

I guess you guys noticed I have been absent for quite some time now. The last couple of weeks have been, well uuhm, not quite happy. In January Dull's grandma passed away - after a decade of Alzheimer's, followed by a friends mom one week later. And after that, we tried to exhale, take a deep breath and go on. Everything went fine, until a week ago. Dull's other Grandmother went into the hospital, and after a dreadfull week of examinations and such, she passed on this Friday, at the age of 94.  Alltough she was Dull's Nana, and not mine, I find myself missing her dearly. My own grandparents have been gone for almost a decade now, and I was so happy that Dull still had his grandmothers. There is something so comforting in visiting these old ladies, hearing there stories about the yesterdays (over and over again...). I am so, so glad she attended our wedding in 2008 and I really regret she didn't get to see any of our children. She already had quite a couple of great-grand-children, but not ours. She often asked my mother in law 'if there was already going on something over there'... I am glad we went to see her on Wednesday, we had a chance to talk, kiss, and hug a little. This Wednesday will be her funeral.
I am really done with all of this. 2010 is starting to be a very terrible year, and I am having a hard time keeping my head up and go on. I have to tell myself this can not get any worse, that both the nana's got to a very respectfull age, and that their lives have been beautifull. They wouldn't want me to be sad.
But I am.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Earrings, earrings, earrings....

There are quite some swaps going on at Beading Daily. One of my favorites is the SSE Swap. SSE stands for Secret Santas Ear, and it's all about swapping earrings... Inca, hosts the swap, and she does a great job, every time again. Round 8 & 9, meant for December and January where put together, so we all had two partners. I had two totally different marks, Cat liked her earring small, and not too dangly, and Andrea loves it when her earrings "aren't subtle." I had an absolute blast in creating something for both of these girls. I really think crafting is more fun when you have someone in mind.
So these are Cat's earrings:

And these are Andrea's earrings:

Oh, and have I showed the pair from the previous round?

All of these where my own design.

Monday, 1 February 2010

weeeeeee flowers...

I am doing so many things at the same time, it sometimes is hard to decide which project gets my attention first. This usually results in:
1. lots of WIPs, with a high risk of them evolving to UFOs..
2. late nights up and awake trying to finish something I want to wear the next day..
3. evenings spend at my laptop, ending in feeling guilty, because it makes point 1. more likely to happen..

Now, I tend to shift between these 3 points of risks. I have 3 boxes full of stuff (we'll call them exhibit A) to proove point 1. And every time I sit down to tear them up I get distracted by something else. I guess I will let them be, and only take them apart when I need something from it. It doesn't hurt the beads, and it gives me a little peace of mind, because it's something I can erase from my to-do-list!

About point 2... I went to bed last night at 1 am, because I had. to. finish. this choker:
teeny tiny flowers
I crocheted the flowers with a 1.2mm hook, they are under an inch in diameter... I had to start over several times, and didn't allow myself to give up. The flowers are stitched to some lovely pink lace, to make a choker. And I did wear it to work today!

And here we are at point 3. Again another night at the laptop...
Oh well, I am having fun, that's what counts, right?