Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Progress on the grannies.

Okay, I have made progress on the square grannies! And I promised pictures, so here they are...

:: So far I've got 9 patches done!

:: I used different patterns

:: Lots of colours

:: Some really need some blocking

:: I even made a "advanced pattern" granny square!

And that will be all for the colourful happiness for today! I used the "standard" granny square pattern. (at least, I think it's pretty standard, since this is the pattern that pops up first and many times when you google "granny square pattern."  The large flower is a pattern I found cruising on the www, and can't seem to find anymore... so I guess it will be a single in my large throw.
And I used Lucy's Summer Garden Granny Square Pattern. I love a little diversity while crocheting, and these different patterns really fit the bill. I am really enjoying all this crocheting!
But I have been eading as well! Pictures of those will follow when everyone received their stuff ('cause it's all swap-stuff)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Hmm, I guess the creative juices are starting to flow again.. I have picked up some beads, and the crocheting also continues. All WIP’s though.. And lighting is so poor now that I can’t seem to manage to take a sharp picture of the things I am creating. And the shaking hands of excitement are not helping much either. – I know, it sounds like I am making lame-ass apologies, but they are all true  - But okay, I will try again tonight… Or tomorrow, cause I have to go to school tonight.

I am glad Januari will be over soon. It hasn’t been a very easy month. I hope Short Februari will bring in some fresh excitement, creativity and joy! Yes, we need some Joy! And a wee bit warmer weather would be nice too. If it wasn’t for Sabon’s handcream and body lotion, I would look like the Desert Woman! I adore this cream, bit pricey, but a little goes a long way! And the smell. Ah the smell.. You don’t need any perfume anymore I’ll tell you. But pricey indeed. I am already down to the 4th tube. And although it makes a nice birthday/Christmas/Valentine present, there has got to be a cheaper way to get my hydrationkick.

And then I read Heather’s post on Shivayanaturals. I have got to try this!!! I am going to put it on the TTD list, and hoping to make some time to do this, ‘cause it sounds like an excellent idea!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Shift in Craftiness!

Lately, I’ve been noticing a little shift in my craft-time-devotion. I have been crocheting more and more, and the beads just lay around on the attic. I have some obligations for swaps on Beading Daily and I am having a real hard time in cranking the jewelry out. The beads don’t flow with me, but they go everywhere I don’t want them to go. Temporarily strung beads decide they don’t want to be strung anymore, and bounce on the floor, beadboxes that really like gravity, needles breaking with the slightest bend, threads gets knotted in places I don’t want it to knot, beadholes shrink on me, not making it able to pass ‘just one more time,’ and everytime I want to start a new colourcombo, the colours I need just ran out. (or ran on the floor as you wish). Being in my attic-beadstudio is starting to feel like a visit to the dentist, and lets be fair; that’s not something you like for a hobby.

So, I decided to let it go. Just for now. However, I do need to make a couple of pairs of earrings, before I take a leave of absence from my beads… I hope I can manage to do this.

Maybe a little time off will revive my creativity-bubble. The beads won’t turn bad (at least not worse then they are behaving now), and the studio will remain bead related, I’ll do my crochet on the couch in the livingroom.

box full of yarn!

This box came in 2 weeks ago. It’s filled with Bamboulene, which is a blend of 50% wool and 50% Bamboo. It’s soft, and the colours are bright! And I am crocheting it into Granny squares, hoping to make a large throw for the bed. But I am telling myself a pillowcase can be nice as well, because a throw might be a little bit too large for a first time crochetproject!

granny square

I am starting off with a basic square, maybe I’ll blend in some squares with a more intricate design, but first I’ll have to get some routine!

granny squares, so far, so good!

A little block each day… don’t think I can manage to finish this project before Dull’s birthday (which is March 1st). That would have been awesome!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Tea cosy

Tea cosy
Originally uploaded by Chrystallinya
I found this tea cosy at a thriftstore, last weekend. I fell in love with it, the moment I laid my eyes on it.
When I was little, we always spent our summers at my grandfather's. He lived near the sea, so our vacations there were always a big blast! One of the things I cherish most about these vacations were the family breakfasts we had. We would walk into town early in the morning, to get croissants and rolls. Back at the house we would squeeze some fresh orangejuice, deck the table, and put the kettle on. The 2 things that never failed to be on the table were the newspaper (with the puzzle in progress) and the tea cosy.
I have been searching for a teacosy that would give me the same homy feel as the one at my grandfather's house.
And I believe I did....

Saturday, 2 January 2010


Another year went POOFFFF!!!! Isn't it amazing, how time flies by?
December 2009
December was a cosy month, but I am very happy the New Year has arrived. Out With The Three, the Clutter and al the ChitChat and let's talk spring! But first we'll have to wish everybody Happy New Year's at work, and the fact that there has been snow falling down last night doesn't help much for the arrival of spring as well....
I hope you all had a lovely old-to-new-night, and I am wishing you the very best for the coming 365 days (or better said, 363, since it's allready the 2nd....)