Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Progress on the grannies.

Okay, I have made progress on the square grannies! And I promised pictures, so here they are...

:: So far I've got 9 patches done!

:: I used different patterns

:: Lots of colours

:: Some really need some blocking

:: I even made a "advanced pattern" granny square!

And that will be all for the colourful happiness for today! I used the "standard" granny square pattern. (at least, I think it's pretty standard, since this is the pattern that pops up first and many times when you google "granny square pattern."  The large flower is a pattern I found cruising on the www, and can't seem to find anymore... so I guess it will be a single in my large throw.
And I used Lucy's Summer Garden Granny Square Pattern. I love a little diversity while crocheting, and these different patterns really fit the bill. I am really enjoying all this crocheting!
But I have been eading as well! Pictures of those will follow when everyone received their stuff ('cause it's all swap-stuff)

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  1. These are SO beautiful. I love the colors that you have chosen, and it just looks like it is going to be a gorgeous piece. Can't wait to see it completed