Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Hmm, I guess the creative juices are starting to flow again.. I have picked up some beads, and the crocheting also continues. All WIP’s though.. And lighting is so poor now that I can’t seem to manage to take a sharp picture of the things I am creating. And the shaking hands of excitement are not helping much either. – I know, it sounds like I am making lame-ass apologies, but they are all true  - But okay, I will try again tonight… Or tomorrow, cause I have to go to school tonight.

I am glad Januari will be over soon. It hasn’t been a very easy month. I hope Short Februari will bring in some fresh excitement, creativity and joy! Yes, we need some Joy! And a wee bit warmer weather would be nice too. If it wasn’t for Sabon’s handcream and body lotion, I would look like the Desert Woman! I adore this cream, bit pricey, but a little goes a long way! And the smell. Ah the smell.. You don’t need any perfume anymore I’ll tell you. But pricey indeed. I am already down to the 4th tube. And although it makes a nice birthday/Christmas/Valentine present, there has got to be a cheaper way to get my hydrationkick.

And then I read Heather’s post on Shivayanaturals. I have got to try this!!! I am going to put it on the TTD list, and hoping to make some time to do this, ‘cause it sounds like an excellent idea!

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