Sunday, 22 March 2009

Workshop Silver ring

Yesterday I went to Schoonhoven for a workshop. We were going to learn to make a silver ring from a strip of silver. The workshop was a Christmaspresent from Dull. He gave it to me because I bought a solderburner 3 years ago but haven't dared to use it yet, because I didn't know were to start.

In the workshop we sawed, filed, soldered, sanded and polished the silver. I had a marvelous time and am considering tot take a course.

I made a pinkyring, because I wanted some curls, and the strip wasn't long enough to make a larger ring, because then there wouldn't be enough to curl.

The instructor said it was a challenge to make this design in the 4 hours the workshop took. But I wanted to try and I think I did a pretty good job! I am definetely going to wear this one with pride!

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