Friday, 27 March 2009

Heavy Day

Today was the day, the day we had to bring Bailey to the doctor. We finally made an appointment to get her sterilised. And so I went off this morning, with a scared little bundle of grey kitty in the box. She was sooooooo scared. We had a little drive to the, because I don't like the petdoctors in our direct surroundings. I allways feel like they are more in it for the money than for the wellbeing of pets.

So anyways, we were driving. I was listening to the radio and Bailey cried. She moaned: "haven't I been good? Did I scratch you? Where are we going?" And everytime I tried to calm her down with some sweet words. And every word got answered with more moaning. So I decided to keep quiet and so did Bailey.

Fortunately there wasn't any traffic, so we were early. The assistent was such a sweet girl, very interested and very nice. Everything you wish for, for someone who is going to take care of your sweet little kitty all day long.

So I left Bailey at the doctor and I went shopping. First to a outletcentre and after that I went to Bergen op Zoom. I bought some stuff and new sneakers for Dull.

Then finally it was time to get Bailey!!! Well, it wasn't Bailey, it was a very very very petite pile of grey fur with very big watery eyes... My heart sunk into my shoes. I felt like the world's worst petowner. The drive home I chewed my lips and Bailey didn't moan, she miauwed, very quietly.

When we finally got home I carried her in and her brother made a big tail and jumped behind the couch. He hasn't showed himself yet.

Now Bailey has eaten, and waggles groggy trough the house. Every other minute she comes for a cuddle. Her eyes are still watery from the operation, and so are mine.

Bailey is checking out her hood and cream for post-op care. She doesn't know yet that it has to go around her neck. I guess that's a good job for Dull, I have been Bitchy enough for her today.

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