Monday, 6 April 2009

Picturetaking troubles

It’s been a while since my last post.
I find myself a little blocked. Haven’t created anything creative in the last months, nor haven’t I got anything that’s worth showing here. It makes me wonder; does that say I have a boring and non-flashy-life, or is it just me….? I read lots of other peoples blogs and love their bits and pieces on their everyday life. They post pictures of their children, their homes, of blooming flowers, sunrises, sundowns and the light of the new tablelamp on their desk.
I love these pictures, it shows just the simplicity of life and the beauty you can find in the small things. So, a few weeks ago I thought: “I can do that too!” I picked up my camera and went into my backyard. I found a single purple crocus, between some old leaves from last year, just screaming: “here comes Spring!”
So I stood beside the flower, bent my head and took a picture: Too far off, there was just a little fleck of purple in a puddle of brown. So, I zoomed in and took another picture: Too much movement: there was a swoosh of purple in a puddle of brown. So I squatted down, took yet another picture: Wrong focus. I adjusted the camera, snapped a new picture: there was dirt on the crocus. So I swept the flower clean, decided I might as well just sit down. So I sat down, took one last close look at the flower to see if it was as perfect as I wanted, picked up my camera. I looked at the screen of my camera, held my breath, ready to take this picture…. And just when I was ready to take it, I heard the bounce of the neighbors’ backdoor followed by “Eey, whatchadoingoverthere, areyouallright?”
I let my breath escape through the small room between my teeth, I felt the redness coming up on my cheeks. I made a polite smile, nodded my head and escaped back to my safe living room…. Wondering what my neighbor would think of me….
So, I am sorry to tell you that the picture didn’t work out and the crocus has past… I will try again in July, when I find the First Sunflower screaming “here comes Summer!,” and my neighbors are on holiday.

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