Thursday, 30 April 2009

TravelPillows & a Necklace for Mom

Another post from me... Guess the feeling just lingered on a little bit more. I've finished the travelpillows I wanted to make:

The one with orange-red-brown large cirkels is for Dull, the other one, which is pink-beige-brown striped is mine.

The inner pillow is made of a large pillowcase, I just sewed it through the middle twice and cut between the 2 sewing lines, turned it rightside out and stuffed it with filling (and mine's with a little bit of lavender, which makes me sleep better). Then I sewed the little baggie-thingy, sewed them together and now they are happily waiting to go on holiday with us....

I also finally made the necklace for mom, I promised to make her a couple of months(!) ago. It's actually a redo of a necklace I gave her 2 years ago which broke when the dog was happy to see her. That necklace was a single strand necklace, this one has a splitted two strand shape.It's all the way crystal-clear coloured, which makes it a bit hard to photograph. I used Preciosa & Swarovski crystals, some sterling chain for the drops and little glass seed beads between the larger beads.

I am quite happy with the result and hope mom will be as well....

Well I am off to celebrate Queensday! The weather is absolutely delightfull!

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  1. I adore the travel pillows! They are really very pretty and practical--but I need to study the picture and the instructions so I can try to make some too.

    Thanks for entering my contest!