Wednesday, 15 April 2009


We had such, such, such a lovely Easter-weekend! The sun was shining, the family got together and we had an excellent time!
The garden is all tidied up, we just need a new fence and door. Those are my last wishes for the garden.

I made a picture with my phone from the frontyard. It's a bit blurry (the picture, not the frontyard), but you can see how it looks like now.
I am almost sorry I didn't do a "before" shot....

The tubs with the plants are half winebarrels. They are huge! The little trees in them look very petite like this. But they will grow and get a better fit through the years.

We had a big brunch on sunday. All the familymembers came over for some lovely food. I made so many things too much that we had luxury lunches after sunday, but we had an excellent time.
I hid some eggs for my youngest cousin. I counted them when I hid them and I swear there were ten. Jim got started searching, with a little help from his big brother. They found 9 of them within 10 minutes. All of the family searched for egg number ten, but it was nowhere to be found. Since the garden is only 45 sqm I guess I miscounted them while I was hiding them....

I hope everyone had a lovely time, and please enjoy the Spring in the air!

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