Friday, 29 May 2009

Headache Night & Garden Delight

Wednesdaynight was a terrible night. I felt drouzy & lousy all day and I was very happy I could go home after work. At home it got worse and worse and even a little couchpotato-ing didn't make it better. My head was aching in the worst way. So I went to bed early and was relieved to notice that it was all gone in the morning. I really hate these headaches, it makes me grumpy and whiney and I don't like the person I am with a headache.

I took this picture of my feet when I was couchpotato-ing, I love the vibe of our livingroom on this picture. And Yes, there are still Easter chocolate-eggs on the table, there are hairs from the carpet on my sock and I am wearing a terrible trainingpants. But I did feel comfy and happy with my man, that's all that counts, right?

I woke up the next morning relieved to notice that the headache had left the building (or just my head for that matter). So I took some vitamins and got to work. When I got home in the afternoon it was time for a 'walk' around the garden. There is a nest of bumblebees in the neighbors backyard, I think they are a bit scary, but they did excellent work for our plants!

It seems like our olivetree is going to give some olives this year! That's a first I tell you!

Our Grapevine is also producing some grapes this year, when we come back from our holiday I'll have to start plucking the smaller ones in order to get some lovely large grapes! This is also the first year we will be getting grapes from this bushes. We've got a red and a white one.

The blackberry has really gone wild this year. I don't know how happy I am with this thing, because it seems to pop up everywhere and the thorns on this baby are massive! I really like blackberries though. When I was a little girl we spend our holidays at my grandfather. We always went on blackberry hunt and made jam and sauce of them. After my grandfather picked out the worms that floated up when you cook them, yuk.....

And last, but certainly not least, the tomatoes, chillies and peppers. I got these just from scraping a fresh pepper and a tomato. I dried the seeds on a bit of kitchenpaper and just put them in the soil with some foil over the top of the pot. For the peppers I dried two whole red chillies until the seeds were loose in them, I then cut the chillie, take out the seeds and put these in the soil as well. I sliced the dries chillies and put them in an airtight container, I use them in curries and such.

The herbs have gone wild as well, I got bushes of them now.. I might have to start drying en deepfreezing them when I get back from my holiday...

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