Monday, 11 May 2009


It was an amazing weekend! Lots of sunshine, Mothersday and off course: The New Kimmie-Camera! I am absolutely thrilled with my new ‘toy.’ I bought the kit and an extra, larger lens. When we got home with all the stuff, I charged the batteries and put everything in our (also new) camera bag. We got our bikes and cycled to a lovely green park at the river. I wanted to make some pictures, but I was a little clumsy-nervous. So I dropped the brand new large lens on the trail. The sunhood and the lenscap were scratched, but the lens was ok. I started crying because of my stupidity and Dull laughed at me. He checked the lens, gave it back to me, called me a little clumsy-cat and cuddled my stressy-worries away… He is so incredible down to earth, it amazes me every time. I get all panicked:
“OMG, I am such a @$#@$#@#$, now it’s damaged, what should I do to fix it, am I insured for this? Can I get it back to the store? And, and, and! Whaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!”
and he’s like:
“Oh well, nothing wrong with it, it’s a shame it got scratched, but it still does what it has to do, so everything is OK! Just be a little more careful next time.” I am glad he can get me down to earth as well like this, it spares me a lot of sleepless nights…

I did take some pictures with my new jewel, but they are not much worth showing here, because it’s mainly cats, hubby and flowers, and I haven’t found out yet how I can work with it the way I want it to work… Next week I will have plenty of time to learn, when we go to France for a total relaxation-vacation before we go to Thailand in June… Last year we didn’t had a vacation at all, because of our marriage, but this year we are setting it al straight! I hope we will have one more vacation in September, but we’ll see… We have a family-weekend in the Ardennes in October, also very nice!

Mothersday was an excellent day. Dull en BIL went to see Feyenoord and Sis and I already went to our parents house. We spent all afternoon in the sun in the backyard, walked all three dogs in the park, when the guys arrived we had a lovely dinner, a game of Scrabble and then we went home. It was a very relaxed day, but we went to sleep far too late, so now I am a bit tired. But maybe I’m just ready for France….

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