Thursday, 14 May 2009

Packing our bags.

Only a few hours to go at work, I really am counting down. Woke up this morning with a headache and an aching jaw. So I called the dentist for an appointment.... Juk!

Bags are nearly packed, I do have some ironing to do, but I am saving it for Friday. Tonight my best friend is coming over for diner, she is going to show her BrandnewBoyfriend. I am very, very eager to meet him, always nice to see what's causing all the hapiness I can see in her eyes!

We are leaving early on saturday morning. I love to leave early, you can see the whole world waking up and since it's a 6 hour drive we will arrive around lunchtime, so we have a lovely first day as well. Since this is our RelaxationVacation we are bringing our Nintendo DS (almost every woman in our family got one), books, couple of decks of cards and I am going to bring some beads and my camera, I've got good hope I get time with both.
Dull will be having his first attempt at flyfishing, together with my sisters boyfriend. Dull's father and brother in law (from hís sister) are very passionate about flyfishing, and they have been trying to get him to tag along for ages. So they decided this holiday was going to be perfect for the first time. Since my sister and her boyfriend are coming as well this week, all of the boys will go together. I have no doubt that this will be an excellent opportunity to try my new Kimmiecamera....

Just one more day!

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