Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Still at home, still feeling not so great. Started knitting today, since tv is too bright and boring and it seems like I have read everything on the internet. I love that my laptop is easy in making less bright. Instead of the regular 8 stripes of brightness I have it on 2. That's bearable. I hate this! Stupid headache, stupid winterblues! I am running out of yarn too....

Last night, I dreamt of having my own crafting business. I fell asleep at 2:30 whilst going in at 10. In the hours I spent staring at the ceiling I made up a gazillion ideas for this craftbusiness, but with my chaotic approach I will probably end up with none of them fulfilled.
Hubbie is at work, he has a late shift today, so he will be home late. It also means I have to go to bed alone. But that also does mean I can sketch my ideas without waking him up.
Well, tomorrow I will brighten my day, I will work on losing this gloomy feeling. All we be well.

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