Thursday, 29 January 2009


I hate winter.... I guess I've said it before (or not). It's just not my season. The short days, lack of sunlight, putting on three layers of clothes - really, I find it hard to figure out what to wear when I have to put on one layer, imagine the time it takes to figure out three - and the thing I hate most about winters is de-icing your car. Scraping of those terrible icelayers on your windows just doesn't kick off your day in the right way. It doesn't help that my frontwindow has 4 (!) little bursts, so I have to do it carefully. My car is almost 16 years old, I guess it will not pass the annual check-up in August, so it's not worth to replace the window. Now, where is this story going...? I can't get track of it.
Oh wait, I figured it out: the only thing I like about winter is curling up on the couch with some tea, a little blanket and my pj's on. But since I have been doing that for the last two weeks I am sick of that toooooooooooo! Bring me spring! Please please please! I want longer days, shorter nights, sipping coffee in my own backyard, with the sun on my cheeks!

I think it's time for a long bath with a large glass of white wine (or rosé)...
Take care you all.

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