Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I am still here!

Nonono worries, I didn't disappear or anything.. It's just that I had a jewelry party last night.
My mom was stalking her neighbors to get them into action and book a party with me. So, one finally collapsed 2 weeks ago and said she would like to have it on the 30th of November. Mom called me to tell me the 'good' news and I just dropped everything and ended up in a blurry wirl of beads, necklaces, making booklets, earrings and such... I completely panicked. I always tend to do that, and I am sooooo glad that Dull knows this. I am very happy that he can cope with the wild stare in my eyes, the beads scattered all over the house, daylightbulbs on all evening and me wanting nothing else to do then bead.
"Honey, let's go to the movie tonight," "Uuuhm, sorry babe, but I really need to finish this piece." This went on for the entire 2 weeks.
And then, finally, it was the 30th of November. I put all the jewelry in a bag, got giftwrapping, change and a happy face (and lots of concealer on it to hide the dark circles under my eyes) and I went for it.
In the end, I worried for nothing. It wasn't a very very good party, but I did make some sales, got a few orders and some e-mailadresses and phonenumbers from girls who are interested in giving a party. So all in all, it has been a good night.
I love to do these kind of parties, it usually is a very good way to make some sales and have a nice night. But I really don't like the bewildered type of girl I get during the preparations of these events. I know it gets better when you do more of them, but I just don't seem to be able to persuade people to organise a party. Yesterday was not different. It feels a bit like begging to me. "Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaase will you book a party with me, because I neeeeeeeed the money" That's how it sounds in my head when I start promoting myself, another thing I have to get past, I guess.
So it has been a very educational 2 weeks. The lessons I learned are:

1. Try to get more parties to get used to the preparation-part
2. Keep it together during the preparations
3. In the end, it will all come together.
Now I am off, to take some pictures of the work I didn't sell and to buy Dull a new PS game to thank him for his patience with me during the past two weeks (or 5 years).

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  1. Glad you didn't vanish! I'm also not good in advertising myself, but my Mom always does a good job on me, talking to people, wearing my work etc.