Saturday, 14 November 2009

Craft-fair part 2 and a move.

Pheeeeeew! Man, am I busy!
We've been moving office this week; nothing but boxes, boxes and boxes... Putting stuff in them and getting out of them at the new place. Pretty heavy work! Monday we'll be starting at the new place and give everything the right spot and such. It's a nice office, but it's a little bit sad, because we moved further from the rest of the offices, so we're all feeling a little bit banished. But we will grow out of it, eventually.
On Thursday (I was a very lucky girl to get the day off, whilst moving), I went to the Kreadoe with Irma. The Kreadoe is a craftfair, with all sorts of crafts. And a lot of beads! I scored a lot of goodies, but I am waiting for some proper (sun)light, so you can all see all the lovely luster and sheen on these babies.
It was a great day! Irma and I talked about making at a yearly event for us to go to. It's good to make plans, right?
I am a bit in a seasonal rut. The falling of the leaves can be pretty nice, but it also gives me a gloomy felling, and I am constantly tired. Bleeeeeech. But it will pass. Come December!

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