Sunday, 1 November 2009

Swap earrings received!

Joining swaps is so much fun! Not only because you get to make something for someone based on their profile, but also because you get to receive something that is made especially for you....

When I checked my mail a couple of days ago I found a rather large envelope, filled with some lovely gifts! I didn't receive 1 pair, nor 2, no; I received 3 pairs of earrings, a phone/pursedangle, 5 fun beads and some small extra's in one package! It felt like Christmas!

These are copper, swarovski and blue frog beads

The package came from Gipsy Mary, and she did an amazing job on these gorgeous pairs!
These cowgirls are stitched in very very small 15/0 beads, the detail is amazing!

These are stitched with 11/0 beads, red & white

These froggies also came from her, aren't they the cutest?

Amazing eeh!


  1. Oh these are so sweet! I love the first ones especially.
    I wanted to thank you for the very kind comments that you left me last week. you have no idea how much they helped.

    I hope that you have a wonderful beginning to your week

  2. Those cowgirls are just too cute. I think I'm glad I don't have pierced ears or I'd be buying earings like crazy!!