Thursday, 17 December 2009

bracelets with silver leather & a little anxious

First let me start by telling you that getting the tripod out of the closet was a great thing for this blog. I have so much to tell, and it is so much more fun when I have pictures to show what I am talking about.
Second: I have been stalking "the beaders muse blog" all day, because today is the reveal of the muse and the announcement of the winners. Really, I don't think I won, but I am so anxious to see what everybody has made with the muse.
To keep us all posted, Scarlett asked some questions for us to think over. She wanted to know how expressing your creativity through beading has enriched our lives and what our goals are for 2010, beadingwise.
Now, making up goals for the new year is easy! There are so many things I would love to do, dreams to fullfill and plans to make. I want to restrusture, organise and clean up the studio/attic, start a bridalcollection, participate in more challenges and competitions and so on. These goals come up every year, and every year I say to myself: this year it'll really happen...
But the expressing-my-creativity-through-beading-and-how-it-enriches-my-life question was a bit harder to answer... I have been beading for a decade now, and it's so much a part of my life, that I can't imagine myself without my beads. And altough I picked up some knitting and crocheting this year, I will never leave my beads.
And maybe that's just my answer to this question: I can't think of a life without my beads. They make me: ME! So there you go....

And finally, a pic of the leather bracelets. I had a piece of silver leather laying around the attic for quite some time. The night before the jewelryparty I came up with a simple design; I cut the leather in strips and made a wavy band with beads between the waves. I made the purple/black version for the party and the black version is one of the orders. I really like it when something simple takes the spotlight, don't you?

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