Friday, 16 October 2009

Non crafty period closed

Boy, have I been busy the last couple of weeks. And I am very sorry to say that it hasn’t anything to do with beading…. Nor knitting, crocheting or anything else that involves crafty skills. School, household chores, running errands, bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech. But things are about to change...
This weekend I am going to a craft-fair in our city, together with Mom. I am looking forward to it! Not for beads, because I’ve got plenty, but because I am looking for different things to do. There are so many crafts I would like to give a go, and a fair always give you good ideas on how to get started. Kumihimo, needle felting, plush felt toys making, freehand embroidery… It all looks so interesting. I hope to get some good info on these things. And maybe I will pick up some beads as well. And ribbon, chain, yarn, fabric and such. I guess it’s a good thing they don’t accept credit cards at these events. I would be maxed out in an hour.
I am planning on bringing my camera…

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