Monday, 19 October 2009


I have the flu... I don't get the flu very often, but when I do, I seriously do. I am sniffing, sneezing, coughing, blowing my nose and all those other stuff that comes with the flu (I will spare you the yukkie details). I went to work today, did all the important stuff and left at noon. Dull was leaving for work when I got home, so I was lucky enough to get a hug (YAY).

Now, about the weekend. Altough I felt crappy already on Saturday, mom and I still went to the craft-fair. It has been a long time since I've been at one. We arrived at the start of the thing, and there were lots of elderly women, even my mom lowered the average age there... But later on the crowd got a bit younger (they probably were a little late because of all the party-ing they did on Friday). It was a good fair. Only 3 booths with beads, but I knew that. There were lots of quilting boots, which really isn't my cup of tea. I mean, quilting in the Netherlands is a bit muffy, lots of dark colors and depressing prints used. I only saw 2 or 3 boots that had quilts in lovely young colors.

Altough there weren't much bead-booths I managed to score a bag full of crafting goodies!

The score: 2 big balls of yarn to knit a vest (already casted on, and knitted 20 needles), two cones of yarn for a scarf for Dull (allready started and 2/3 done), and when it's finished I am planning on knitting a hat for myself, 2 crochethooks - 0,6mm (for beading) and 12mm (for rugknitting), a big bag and 2 smaller bags of wool and needles for needlefelting, 6 cards of ribbon/lace/ricrac and 5 baggies with beads.... I never did any needle felting, but it looks like fun. I gathered some info and stuff and I am going to give it a go this week. The knitting is going well. I started with an easy-peasy 'pattern': knit 2-purl 2. So you really can't call it a pattern, but it's a good excercise in repairing lost stitches and faulty stitches. And I am having fun, that's what counts right?

Well, I have to get back to my pot of tea and the blanket on the couch. Take care!

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