Sunday, 2 August 2009

Another weekend...

has passed. Boy, time goes fast! As I said: I had dinner with my best friend on Friday, we went for Tapas. We had reservations at eight, but we decided to go a wee bit earlier, because we were really hungry. It was a fabulous night. The tapas tasted great, and I guess we ate enough garlic for the rest of August... We didn't make it late, I was in bed by eleven. Which was nice, because I haven't been sleeping well recently.
On Saturday we continued our search for good thriftshops. It seems like we found one! It's a real big one, and it doesn't has that paticular smell you seem to find in a lot of thriftshops here. We bought some stuff of course... A black chair for the bedroom, some books and this little thing:
It wasn't cheap, almost 10 euro's, but since we both liked it really much we decided to take it with us. Guess it will end up in the bedroom as well. On the top of the coffeepot there's this bangle I made this weekend:
I made it with copper wire, which has been lying around for ages. And since copper seems to be the new hype (I know, it's around for some time now, but when it comes to trends, I am a tad slow...) I thought I would give this a go. I used some fallcolored jeweltoned firepolished glass and I really like the way it turned out!
Talking about turning out nicely; this is something I really don't know what to do with:
These flowers are made with glass dagger beads and copperwire. I started to make a wirewrapped link chain with it, but it really doesn't work out well, the flowers keep turning the wrong way, and I guess the 4 wired links won't feel nice on one's skin, so this one will end up in the do-over box. (Which is totally cleaned out by mom, so she would have some beads to play with.)
And then there was Sunday. The soccerseason has started again, which means that Dull will be at De Kuip every other Sunday. Usually I will do something with friends, or my sister. Yesterday I stayed at home. Doing a little household chores, laundry and off course I listened to the game on the radio. Bailey was laying around on our bed all day long and everytime I entered the room she would strike a different pose. She was really being a Mata Hari! Even when I got the camera she was still rolling around. Silly little thing!

We bought the bedspread in Thailand, maybe there's something in it that makes here feel all cosy and comfy?!

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