Thursday, 27 August 2009

I need a little headrest!

I am in a weird state of mind, it truly is going crazy (my mind, that is). I can't get my attention to focus on anything longer then 10 minutes. I've got a beading table full of WIP's to show for it. And if this state of mind lingers on me a little longer, I swear, all this WIP's will become UFO's, and who likes UFO's on their attic? I'm sure I don't. I've tried a lot to get my mind tuned down, listening to all kinds of music; from Linkin Park to K's Choice to Norah Jones, Joss Stone, Nickelback and so on. Nothing helped. My mind just bounced along with the uptempo (it didn't get tired, whatsoever), and wandered along the downtempo music...

My beading table, just the way it is....

I've pulled out the Wii Fit, off course I didn't recognise it at first because of all the dust on it. I had to search for the Wii remote, had to change the batteries in both the remote and the board. Then I had to search for the cd, because it wasn't in it's tray. Had to search for the nicest training pants and finally, after 35 minutes of setting up I managed to do an hour of Wii-fittingthingies. I even broke a little sweat. After that I hopped into the shower, to relax and unwind. Put on my pj's and went to the attic for another go. Results: 3 more WIP's. I've given up.

Some firepolished glass beadies
Maybe I'll just have to let the beads be for a while..... But I'll miss them..

Some of my crystal beads....

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