Monday, 31 August 2009


August has come to an end…. And days are shortening really fast. I came to realise this weekend, that I am more of a Autumngirl than a Summer-type. Don’t get me wrong, I love the long days, the Sun, and the mood Summer seems to bring people in. But I don’t like the high temperatures and the fact that friends leave the country for a couple of weeks, for their vacation. My birthday is on the 4th of July; when I was younger this sometimes meant that my familymembers were on holiday, and my birthday wouldn’t be as big of a party as I hoped for. My 16th birthday was great, everybody was there because the summer holiday was late that year. But my 17th, everybody was away, and I spent my birthday (which actually was on Saturday) going out alone….. I felt so sorry for myself…. My 18th birthday made up for it though, so all was well again. But to get back to my point: I am an AutumnGirl. I don’t know many people who like the fact that Summer is over, but I am one of them. I love a lot about Autumn;
1. You can finally wear the clothes you bought in August,
2. You can pull your boots out of the closet,
3. Cosy nights indoors with candles,
4. The food,
5. The approaching of the holidays,
6. Planning a nice weekend in the country
7. And since this year; our anniversary…
We got married on 12 September 2008, so this year will be our first. We haven’t planned anything yet, but we’re both taking the week before it off, to do some things in the house. Maybe we’ll go away for the weekend, we’ll see...

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  1. Oh a first wedding anniversary, congratulations a little early.

    There really is something about Autumn. I think for us here, it is the idea of coziness and beautiful weather, and blankets and changing colors. Winters here can be so harsh, and so introspective. Autumn is really the chance to savor the outdoors, to embrace the celebrations of the holidays, and to plan for the long winter ahead.

    Thanks for sharing