Saturday, 8 August 2009


Welllllll, I just came out of the shower, realising our house needs a big clean-up. But I really don't feel like scrubbing, vacuming and mopping.... I think I'll go blowdry my hair, put on a nice outfit and go to the market with mom. Cleaning up can wait, right? RIGHT! Well, it's not that bad anyways.

Dull is working today and I really need some new ribbons and buttons.... Don't know for what, but I do need them, I sometimes wake up with such a feeling: I need it. And as long as it doesn't involve Manolo's or Porsche's I guess it's okay to give in. Ribbons and buttons are cheap, so a few bucks to make me feel happy are well spent bucks, right? RIGHT!

Weekend will be laid back, since soccer has started again and the first game was not a bad one, guess we will stay home to watch the second game on the television. Nice and quiet, NOT!

I got inspired by the banglebracelet I made, and took the design to make a choker with it. I like how it turned out, don't think I am a warm-metal kind of gal (copper, gold and brass). I like the cold metals better (silver, steel). But maybe it's just a getting-used-to kind of thing....

Have a good weekend and get back tomorrow for the drawing for the Give-Away!!

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