Monday, 21 February 2011

maternity clothes shopping.

I went out and bought me some maternity pants last weekend. My regular jeans just didn’t fit anymore, and I figured I might as well take the jump and get on the preggotrain. I am wearing one now (a maternity jeans, that is) and I can tell you all, it feels soooooooo much better than the stressed seams on my favourite regular jeans. I had been planning on making my own maternity jeans with some tutorials I found online and some thrifted pants, but I just haven’t had the time to thrift (the openinghours are pretty tight) yet! But I got the jeans and tops on sale, a good sale! 2 pairs of jeans, a pair of corduroypants, a skirt, and 3 tops for EURO 63,- I was thrilled, not only because I went to a store earlier that week and found out that the cheapest jeans were 50. I don’t even pay that amount of money on regular jeans, let alone a pair I only get to wear 6 months!

I went online to search for some basic patterns/tutorials on maternity clothes, but pickings are slim! Pretty strange, because I would love to make my own (stunning, ahem) maternity dresses, instead of paying 100 for a silly polyester black thing that’s called a dress. I mean, you can get lovely cotton(blend)s for a mere 5 euros per metre/yard. You can make the most fabulous things for around 20. But the big patterndesigners just don’t seem to get this. Burda, Simplicity, Mcall. They all have about 2 or 3 designs in their collection and they are not the most fashionable ones. Can’t pregnant girls look pretty? Are we destined to walk around in tents and dresses from mum? Look at the big undies that we have to wear, we want something cute to cover those up! Oh, no wait, you CAN look cute, but it’ll cost you! Big time!

Someday. I am going to be an amazing patterndesigner, and design some fabulous maternityclothes! It'll take some time though, I have only sewn 3 dresses...
In the meantime I will be lounging on the couch in Mr. Dulls tracksuits, eating my daily doses of Ben & Jerry’s, not wearing any make-up, grey uncombed hairs and a hormone rage!

Please note; Me and the Shrimp are doing fine, all is well. I am just on quite some hormone-waves lately. Ask Mr. Dull, he will be happy to share some amazing stories.

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