Tuesday, 1 February 2011


-(Non)Parental Warning- This is a very “seventh heaven-we-are-getting-a-baby” themed post, if your not up for that, please come back on Wednesday for the WIP!

Yesterevening we went to the midwife for our twelve week check-up. Both of us were very, very, very nervous. We had to wait 15 minutes before we could go in, but then she really took the time for us. We had the whole how-are-you-feeling-are-there-any-diseases-in-your-family-and-do-you-take-your-vitamins-regularly talk during which we couldn’t sit still. Then she checked my bloodpressure and took some blood.

Then it was finally time for measuring and listening, the thing we were a bit nervous about. She checked the size of my uterus, which was right ‘on schedule.’ Then she took out the listeningthingy. While she warmed it up a little she said it could take a little searching to hear the heartbeat. I held my breath when she put the thing on my belly (Mr Dull was doing the same thing, holding his breath that is, not putting the thing on my belly) and straight away we heard a firm and regular beat. So all is fine, all is well and we are very happy!

We bought all of the furniture for the nursery last weekend. We got a good deal on a lovely teak crib. Almost all of our furniture are made of teak, so we were very thrilled with this find. But there was only one left, so we had to buy it, because you never know you can find the same great thing in 3 months. Of course there was a lovely dresser that matched up and 2 days later I found a great wardrobe-cabinet through a secondhand site. I just love those finds.

So now the decluttering starts. We need to get rid of so much stuff. It’s amazing how much 2 people can hoard in a couple of years.
I have so many ideas for decorating the nursery… I could fill up 5 nurseries with all these plans!

So there you have it, please be back tomorrow for this weeks WIP!

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