Friday, 3 July 2009

Sleepless in Rotterdam

What does one do when lying awake?

1. Drink hot milk
2. Read
3. Bead

Since I really don't like hot milk, especially when it's still ridiculously warm, and I can't read in bed because it will wake Dull, I started beading at 1 AM. And here I am at 3.41 AM, posting pictures of another created necklace. I allready started on the beaded beads earlier this week, but I made the entire necklace and pendant in the last 2,5 hour. And I am still not tired yet....

This one has a large focal beaded bead and two smaller ones on the dangles. I wanted to make earrings as well, but I figured it's allready quite a piece, I don't think it needs earrings.I crocheted the midsection of the necklace and the pendant can be removed from the necklace, so it's a bit more tuned down.
This one is for a swap on swap-bot as well.

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