Wednesday, 1 July 2009


These days, I find myself overwhelmed with everything on my to-do-lists. We're back home for a little over 1 week now, and it seems like the tasks have been piling up while we were gone.
I have spent several hours cleaning the house, doing laundry and vacuming, and still I can't seem to manage to get it all clean and fresh. I love the sun, but sometimes it seems like it's just pointing out everything that needs to be done in our home. And all the cleaning time is consuming my creativity time. Everytime I get at the attic, to do some beading, I realise I have to clean up there as well, in order to get the creativity going. But then again; if I am going to clean up, there are so many things in the house that needs to be done first...... It's a vicious circle I tell you!
I have to get 4 jewelry items done this week for Swap-bot, so I have got to break it! (the circle I mean, not the jewelry....)
I have to make the photoalbums from our vacation.
I have to start up an Etsy-store
I have to sort out my jewelry for a store that wants to sell them
I have to take pictures of my newest items.

Tonight I am going to spent some time in the sauna, and get a massage and a facial. Perhaps that'll help to get a little bit more grounded.....

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  1. I know the feeling of being overwhelmed very well. Just one step (or project at a time). Good luck