Monday, 7 September 2009

Fabulous days

Weekend has flewn by again! The weather is cooling down so quickly, I've allready changed the duvet on our bed, since I've woken up cold twice last week. I really like the warmth in bed when it's getting colder. Weatherforecast is telling us temperatures will rise by the end of the week, so I guess we won't be happy with the thick bedcovers by then, but we'll see.
This weekend was really laid back, we did a little shopping, went to the market on Saturday and cleaned the house a bit. Yesterday the family came over for a familydinner and we had a nice time. It was quite a challenge to cook 10 kilos of mussels all in one time, but with the big pans of both moms, I managed it. I've cooked 4 kilos in water (and veggies), 3 kilos in dark beer and 3 kilos in white wine. I've baked 10 baquettes and 2 kilos of fries. We had applepie with vanilla icecream for dessert and lots of wine before, during and after dinner. And now I'm at work, with a light buzz in my head... But who cares, after a nice weekend?
I finished some necklaces for the co-worker, I'll try to post some pictures this evening. I am also working on earrings for a swap on beadingdaily. But I can't post pictures of them before the swap-date.... I hope (and I know this hope is not futile) that the stuff I'll receive in Beading Daily swaps will be of better quality then the ones from swaps on Swapbot. I have received some real bad things there. And when I say bad, I really mean bad. I usually spent a lot of time on my swaps, I've send some lovely beadwoven pieces, with crystals and such, to receive some simple strung plastic-elastic pieces in return. (not plastic-fantastic...) I have been disappointed too much, so I quit Swapbot. Hope Beading Daily Swaps will turn out better!!!

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  1. Hey there from Laura at Sew at Sea. We'll be in Trier until Monday AM. We were at the dome today and will be there tomorrow morning. We're then off to a family castle on Sunday.Unfortunately we have very poor internet! I will be checking it tomorrow in the morning before we leave for the organ concert.