Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Eastern Promises

We are still in Thailand, only 4 days left, before we're going home.... We are having a great time! Only one day of rain and bouncing coconuts, and the rest is sun,sun,sun!
I am getting a little bit homesick now, though.... I know it's crazy, because it has been such an amazing holiday, but I miss my parents, inlaws, my sis and of course I miss our two cats as well. Tonight we'll fly from Phuket to Bangkok and saturday we're going home. We are going to do some serious shopping in Bangkok,clothes and souvenirs for all our relatives and friends and the last day we're going to spend lounging by the pool for the last bits of total relaxation and a little bit of suntanning.
I will post some pictures when we are back at home, we shot some lovely ones....
Take care!

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