Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Back home

Koh Racha Island

I am back! Did anybody miss me?
We had an absolute amazing time! We have been on some amazing beaches, lagoons, islands and waterfalls. We did some touristic things, you can hardly go to Thailand without visiting the River Kwai and the bridge. It really was touristic, but I didn’t want to miss it. We took tons of pictures, we got massages and a haircut, we shopped, snorkelled, hiked and took trains, buses and planes. It was a very busy holiday but it was the best one ever!

Now about that shopping: I had to leave some things in Bangkok to get everything home (didn’t had the chance to mail some things home). So I had to leave my stinky sandals there, in order to get my beads home. What is it you say; Beads? Yes beads!
I really wanted to shop for some while we were in Bangkok, but there are quite some jewellery and gem scams over there, so I didn’t want to ask around (I am a bit of a woos sometimes). On one of the last days we were in a large shopping mall and on the very top floor there was a tiny store with some seed beads. I bought 2 bags and asked her if I could buy some more somewhere else. She said we had to go to China Town. And so we did.
For the rest of the day, Dull only saw my back and the only thing I could say is: woohoo!
I’ve never seen so many beads on one location. Booths filled with pearls, glass beads, crystals, sequins, buttons and everything else that’s bead related. In total I bought 4 kilos of beads…. Pics will follow soon….
There were a lot of fabric booths as well, but I figured that shopping for beads was all Dull would manage to handle, so I didn’t take a look at them. It would have been impossible to take fabrics home as well. But I am definitely going back some time to shop the right way. (I’ll probably take an empty suitcase with me).

I am starting some new projects this weekend, I have lots of ideas, but have to do some laundry and cleaning up before I can get started….

Raft Houses

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