Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Flowing of the Seasons

Life is flowing by… I am so so so delighted that Winter has ended. The pale sunlight makes my skin feel revived and I just want to take a deep breath every time I step outside. We are working in our garden, we sowed some seeds and fertilized our soils, hoping to harvest some homegrown vegetables in the Summer and Fall. But for now, I am soaking in Spring, hoping it will release me from the Wintery-Blues and to make my days brighter then before.

I have dropped all things crafty for now, I haven’t found any energy anywhere and am hoping that it’ll get back to me one way or another. And when all goes well again, I will get my act together and make something. But for now, staring at my beads makes me feel miserable, and that’s not something I want….

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